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The Class C IP Checker is simple to use; simply enter the domain name of the sites that require Class C IP in the text section. Click the Get Info button after entering the domain names in the Class C IP checker. The test will be done and the results will be returned by the tool.

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"Get Information" should be selected.

The Class C IP Checker will display the hostnames you entered in the results, along with the IP, Class C IP, and Status for each hostname.

The results will show you which hosts share the same class C IP address, and if the status is "valid," everything is in order. This duplicate IP address checker tool can help you locate other websites that share the same IP address.

class c ip checker


A unique IP address is assigned to each device that connects to the internet. Each node on a distributed network, such as the Internet, is given a unique address so that computers can find each other.

An "IP address" or "IP" is a typical term for this address. An IP address is a 32-bit binary address with two sub-addresses defining the network and the network host. In decimal form, an IP address is made up of four sets of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 separated by a period (.)., for example, is a valid IP address.


There are five types of IP addresses, and we'll focus on Class C IP addresses, which include:

Class A

The address class An's first bit is always set to 0. The network component of the address is left with only seven bits. The range of Class A titles is to This means that only 128 network numbers are possible.

Class B

The first bit of a Class B address is always set to 1, while the second bit is always set to 0. This means that 16,384 networks can be assigned Class B addresses. The IP addresses vary from and

Class C

Class C addresses have their first two bits set to 1 and their third bit set to 0. This means that 2,097152 networks can be assigned to this address class. to are the addresses. 123.789.456.1 is an example of a Class C IP address.

Class D

Class D addresses have the first three bits set to 1 and the fourth bit set to 0. For multicast applications, Class D addresses are used. The numbers to are reserved for multicast groups and range from to

Class E

Class E titles have never been used in any conventional form and are only used for trial and testing.


Large and medium-sized businesses are classified as Class A and B. The most common address class for small enterprises is Class C, which is also the most extensively used IP address. Small and medium-sized Internet service providers purchase a block of Class C IP numbers to assign to their clients. Clients receive dynamic (shared) IP addresses from Internet service providers. This is because it is less expensive and more prevalent because it is shared. Second, IP addresses are not used by users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a user registers in or visits a website without logging out, their IP addresses are assigned to other users and websites.

Dynamic class C IP addresses have the advantage of being less expensive and more beneficial for websites and individuals who do not use the internet frequently. If you have five individuals sharing a WiFi network at home, each of you will be assigned a dynamic address, which will be assigned to another user who has just joined in when you are not using the internet. When you use the internet again, you will be given a new IP address. This IP address will be assigned from your ISP's available pool of Class C IP address ranges.


The Class C IP Checker's goal is to see if many domains on shared hosting are using the same Class C IP Checker. It also aids in the identification of duplicate IP addresses for Class C blocks.

There are hazards associated with the dynamic Class C IP block because it is shared across numerous nodes. If your website uses a dynamic class C IP address, it may have an impact on its search engine position, and your SEO efforts may be in vain. If a website with the same IP address as you is blacklisted, it's possible that your website will be blacklisted as well. It occurs when a website is blacklisted by a search engine. It blacklisted a website not just by its domain name, but also by its IP address.

Search engines use the IP address of a website to visit it since the IP address is the domain's unique identification. ISPs are prepared for this eventuality, and if a website is blacklisted, they assign a new IP address to all other websites sharing the same dynamic Class C IP address range.

Firewalls, apps, and other essential devices are installed by Internet Service Providers to ensure that the hosting service provider's systems stay "clean" and untouched by hostile attacks. ISPs are required to take measures to protect their networks and hosting services because hackers and other dangerous actors are continuously attempting to break into and harm websites.


If you've recently acquired a website hosting service, you'll be curious to learn which other websites use the same Class C IP address. Because your website is more than likely assigned to this group of IP addresses, and the address is shared with other websites.

You may do a Class C IP Address Check at any moment with this handy tool from


  • If spam sites have the same IP address as Class C blocks, this helps to identify them.
  • For Class C blocks, you can find IP addresses and duplicate IP addresses.
  • If a domain is involved in shady activities, taking a simple step in the right direction will secure your site by blocking it and lessen the risk of Google and other search engines being blocked.
  • Regularly checking your domains with the Class C IP Address Checker can help you maintain your search ranking.
  • Additionally, a class c IP checker can be used. Examine c class IP addresses from various websites on the internet. This test will reveal whether websites are virus-free and what tools are in place to defend them from spam and malware.


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