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Get source code of webpage – A useful tool for SEOs

The internet is a fiercely competitive environment, and websites compete to stay ahead of the pack. Obtaining the source code of competitors' websites is one of the spying tools. It's as if you're jogging or cycling and you're always checking in front of you and over your shoulders to see how you're doing. Checking the source code of your own website might also be beneficial. Because this is how search engines interpret your content.

The source code is hidden beneath all the pretty graphics, sliders, menus, titles, and content. Every website's heart is here. When search engines review and evaluate a website, they look at this. It's beneficial to have a basic comprehension of the source code if you're a webmaster or website owner. SEOs understand the significance of source code and how to put it up, modify, and optimise it.

Get Source Code of Webpage

How to View Source Code

There are various methods for seeing a website's source code. This is something that every web browser allows you to accomplish. In a search browser, open the website and right-click on any empty spot. The option to view source code will appear. When you click it, the source code of the web page or site you've arrived at will open in a new tab. You'll be able to grasp the source code and see how it's structured and written if you know HTML.

Title Tags​​​​​​​

The holy grail of website SEO is title tags. You've probably seen Google's search results while you're looking for anything on the internet. The title tag contains the information that Google and other search engines use to display your website. Your website will not appear in search engine results if it does not contain a title tag.

The words used in the title tag are identified by Google as important keywords to use in a user's search. If you want a webpage to rank for a specific topic, make sure the title tag accurately explains it.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when it comes to title tags.

  • Make sure each webpage has its own title tag.
  • The first byte of a Class B IP address ranges from 128 to 191.
  • Make sure the title tag on each webpage is unique.
  • Never use the same title tag twice.

Get source code of webpage

You can learn how to modify source code in Safari or get website source code software. That, however, is dependent on your specific choices.

Go to and select the 'Browse More Tools' button in any search browser. Scroll down the list of SEO tools until you find ‘Get Source Code of Webpage' and click it. It will prompt you to input the website's URL. When you type that in, the website's source code will appear.

You can now navigate through the code to locate what you're looking for. You are free to put remarks on it, but you are not permitted to edit it. The reason for this is that the tool has detected and displayed an image of the source code.

You'll need to hire a website developer or an SEO to make the necessary changes to the source code.

Viewing the source code of your own website and that of your top competitors can help you understand how to strengthen and develop your site. You may have overlooked some critical details, which you may correct by analysing the source code. You may have forgotten, for example, that the meta description plays a vital part in your website's ranking and impact on viewers.

Although SEOs are aware of the functions of these tags, they frequently fail to apply them correctly. In the title and description tags, use keywords sparingly. They should never be overused in any part of a website. Search engines are wary of terms that are used repeatedly.

If you're having issues with your website, sit down with your developer and make sure they're fixed. That is the developer's responsibility, and you cannot afford to have your reputation tarnished because he or she did a poor job. As a result, knowing how to look at your site's source code and the crucial pieces in it is beneficial to you as a website owner.


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