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About Meta Tag Generator

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are HTML tags that includes information about your website, such as a description. Search engines utilize meta tags to index and present relevant content in their search results.

Our Free Meta Tag Generator Tool

Although meta tags are important for any website, knowing what metadata goes where and how to optimize your meta tags for SEO can be tough.

That's why we created our free meta tag generator tool to help you optimise your meta tags.

Meta Title Generator: 

Meta Title Generator — Enter the meta title for your webpage, which should incorporate your primary keywords. It should be no more than 70 characters in length.

Meta Description Generator:

This is a brief description of your website that should be no more than 320 characters long. Although the information in this area will not affect your rankings, it is crucial to optimise this section for users to enhance your click-through-rate, which is a ranking factor.

The two tags that describe your website in Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) for SEO are the meta title and meta description. But, before we get into your visible tags, let's look at the tags that visitors don't see—the tags that search engines use to identify you.

These search engine tags give search engine bots particular instructions on how to act on specific web pages.

The meta robots tag is an example of such a tag. This tag allows you to specify whether a page should be crawled by robots or not. If the tag is set to ‘no index,' robots will be told not to include the page in search results. Only utilise a 'no index' setting on pages that aren't beneficial to users, such as login or admin pages. On the other hand, a Meta Robots tag containing the tag ‘index' will allow robots to index the page.

The meta robots tags can also carry the instructions ‘follow' or ‘no follow'. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, you should always use the ‘follow' setting for your page links. Because a 'no follow' setting instructs robots not to click or "follow" the links on your page, this is the case. In addition, we provide a free Robots.txt generation tool that allows you to control how Google indexes your site.

The canonical tag is another example of a search engine tag. This tag is used to inform search engines about a page's master/original copy. Duplicate content, or the same content appearing on several URLs, is avoided by using the canonical tag.

How To Use Meta Tag Generator - SEO Check Web

Now let's take a look at how to use the easy-to-use meta tag builder. Here are the steps for creating meta tags:

meta tag generator

  1. First of all, enter the site title.
  2. Briefly describe your website in some words.
  3. Enter the required keywords for websites. Each keyword must be separated with a comma.
  4. Select the type of content you want to display on your website page.
  5. Choose the main type of language for your website page.
  6. Click "Create Meta Tags".

Page Title Optimization Tips

The meta title of your webpage is the key advertisement for users on search results pages. As a result, this area should be optimised for both users and search engines.

The following are some of the most common techniques to improve your title tags:

Front load your target keywords:

It's been proven that including your webpage's keywords at the start of your title tag improves both CTR and ranks.

Include a number(preferably odd):

Interestingly, placing a number in your website's title tag has been statistically proven to increase CTRs. Odd numbers perform better than even numbers, which is even more intriguing.​​

Add an incentive:

Although your title tags will be the first thing users see, keep in mind that your competitors will be vying for the same area with title tags that are nearly identical to yours. So, what can you do to make yourself stand out? Include perks in your title tags that your competitors don't (for example, '24hr Delivery' and 'FREE Delivery'). Give it a shot and watch how your conversion rates change as a result.

Meta Description Optimization Tips

While the meta description tags on your website have no bearing on your rankings, they can be improved to increase CTR from the SERPs. You can achieve this in a variety of ways, including:

Include target keywords:

This is more of a matter of practicality, but if you provide the exact word a user is likely to look for, it will be bolded in your listing for these users.

Add symbols:

Symbols and numbers in your Meta Description tags, as in your title tags, can help your listing stand out from the crowd and gain those desired clicks.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you ready to start using meta tags on your website? Try giving our product a try and let us know how it performs in your optimization efforts.


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