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To execute a reverse IP search, go to and seek for the "reverse IP lookup" icon, which you may click on. Alternatively, you can copy and paste into your search browser's address bar.

Enter the domain name once the demo page has loaded. Yes, the IP address of the domain you specified will be found using the reverse url search application. All domains that share this IP address will be listed and displayed. You can open any website by clicking on its domain name.

Reverse IP Domain Checker


You may use reverse IP search for a variety of things.

  • Obtain a list of all domains that are hosted on the same IP address.
  • You can use the reverse domain lookup to see all sites that share the same IP address. Only domain names that share an IP address are displayed, not the IP address itself.
  • You can locate domains hosted on a competitor's IP address using a reverse IP lookup.
  • This tool can also be used to look at your competitors' websites to determine if they utilise dynamic or static IP addresses, as well as how many other people use the same address. On, you can follow their web hosting service providers using various tools.
  • A reverse IP address search will frequently reveal other domains owned by your competition. In Whois privacy situations, it could be useful information for your competitors' domains.

When using the reverse website search technique to attack a website hosting server, for example, if you want to attack one secure website, you can find other websites hosted on the same web host with the same IP address and find the least secure site to attack the same server and bypass the target site's security controls by checking reverse IP domain.


Owners of websites are aware of their IP address, but not if they use a dynamic IP address, as most do. They also have no idea who is utilising the shared IP.

You'll need to use a reverse IP lookup tool to see which other websites are sharing your IP address.

The reverse IP lookup tool will return a list of all domain names for websites that share your dynamic IP address. You'll need to run a reverse lookup of the IP address to accomplish this. When your website visitors complain that they can't find your website on the Internet, a reverse IP search command is launched.

If a visitor complains or your website displays an error, you can contact your web hosting service provider and inform them of the issue. Alternatively, use a reverse IP search to find the domain names that share your dynamic IP address and determine if they're up and running.

If they perform properly, you know the issue is limited to your website. In this situation, you'll examine your website's HTML code to discover whether there's an issue. If the code of your website is fine and other websites sharing your IP address are functioning normally, it will be up to your internet hosting company to investigate and resolve the issue with your website.


IP reverse lookup, also known as domain reverse lookup, is the same technology that is used to find DNS records linked with an IP address. From a single IP address, the website hosting server can host several websites. This technique is used in shared hosting to determine which DNS records are available for the web server using domain reverse lookup technology.


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